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Stealing TV Shows – More Reasons to Embrace POS Marketing

Posted by Mark Fullerton on Fri, Jun 08, 2012

Stealing TV Shows – More Reasons to Embrace POS Marketing

Ad-skipping viewers are not thieves. They’re the future.

Time magazine contributor, James Poniewozik, “confesses” he is a thief in his June 4, 2012, Time magazine essay, Stealing the Shows.

Auto Hop vs. POS MarketingPoniewozik writes that network TV execs are up in arms about a new feature from Dish Network available on Dish’s DVR’s called Auto Hop – or in Dish’s own TV commercials, “The Hopper”. Auto Hop essentially is an automatic “commercial skip” feature that delivers virtually commercial free programming from the Big 4 TV networks (ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC.)

Perhaps, to a certain extent, the network bosses have every right to sound the alarm – especially now that 40% of all US homes have DVR’s, and now most recorders have a handy skip-ahead feature. Auto Hop simply takes this one step further by automatically skipping ahead for you.

Before you feel too sorry for the networks, it should be noted that despite 40% DVR penetration, the networks are projected to again increase their advertising revenues in 2012. But, as Poniewozik points out, the networks have “never been too comfortable with the thought of us out there, badoop-badoop-badoop-ing through the commercials with our TiVo remotes.”

OnTrak’s Perspective

Our take on this is probably pretty predictable:

TV viewers have never really warmed up to the interruptions of their programs that ads have forced on them. When people are watching TV they’re not shopping and not buying. Aapparently they are at least somewhat resentful of advertising’s intrusion into their favorite programs.

On the other hand, when shopping at a retail store, people are shopping – and chances are they’re shopping with the intention of buying something!

Indeed, recent studies have shown that 76% of the decisions we make to actually buy something are made in the store at the point-of-sale - Usually prompted by a Point-of-Sale (POS) Marketing signs or displays.

Shoppers, at the retail location, are usually looking for an advertisement, promotion or perhaps simply product and price information – all provided by POS. In fact, it is at the retail location we consumers expect and often seek POS marketing materials.

To the beleaguered networks we say, relax, embrace the Hopper – it’s what the people want.

And to beverage manufacturers, suppliers and distributors we say embrace POS – it works!

To read Poniewozik’s June 4th Time essay, click on the following link:

     Stealing the Shows

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