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P-O-P Vital as More Shoppers Decide in Store: POPAI Study

Posted by Denis Clark on Fri, Jun 22, 2012

POP Promotions Are Vital as More Shoppers Decide in Store: POPAI Study

Patricia Odell | Chief Marketer Network | Promo | Direct

May 11, 2012

Chief Marketer POP PromotionsThe teetering economy, worries over jobs and high unemployment have kept U.S. grocery shoppers on the lookout for savings.

And in an interesting sign of the times, more purchase decisions than ever before, 76%, are being made once a customer enters the store according to a new study from POPAI.

"As in-store and shopper marketing professionals we have some areas for opportunity and improvement, said Richard Winter, POPAI president. "Even as other emerging mediums and technologies alter the path to purchase landscape, this study underscores the importance of planning the in-store experience to win over shoppers where it matters most - the point of purchase."

So how does this shopper behave differently than the pre-recession shopper?

Key Findings

Here are five key findings to note when developing and implementing shopper programs:

  1. Deciding in store - 76% of shoppers are relying on in-store marketing to make their purchase decisions
  2. Display your brand - or lose the battle at the shelf to get your product into the shopper’s basket
  3. Optimize the in-store experience -Shoppers want to get in and get out, so easy-to-find product displays are key
  4. Stand-out creative - sets in-store marketing apart and turns the subconscious shopper into a conscious buyer
  5. Non-cash shoppers susceptible to impulse purchases - They spend more than they plan to

You can obtain more information on these key findings by clicking on the link below.

OnTrak Perspective

We know that POP Promotions are critical to the turning shoppers into buyers. For many years we have been following POPAI’s lead, helping beverage wholesaler increase their sales and business performance through more effective point-of-sale marketing. Our software solutions track, measure and manage the impact of POP marketing campaigns and quantify POP return-on-investment vs. sales results.

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