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Custom Beverage Menu Software

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MenuTrak for Custom Beverage Menu CreationOverview

MenuTrak automates the order workflow including configuration, approval and production of custom beverage menus and signs; eliminates errors and reproofs and reduces time-to-market; tracks and manages POS costs and improves supplier bill-back recovery.

The Opportunity

Creating customized beverage menus for restaurants is a task that many wine and spirit distributors view as a daunting challenge. Menus are essential to the business, but because of the amount of work involved, and the difficulty in recovering supplier allowances, and the unknown return on investment (ROI), they are viewed as a significant cost center. Production time, errors and corrections, and a lack of detailed tracking information to qualify for supplier bill-backs and cost recovery authorizations make menu creation a true “glass is half empty” proposition. Despite this perception, the opportunity to improve is cause for optimism.

The MenuTrak Solution

MenuTrak software can help change your perception of menu creation and turn it into a real opportunity for market growth and increased profitability. MenuTrak provides an easy-to-use, automated way for you to create menus and the tools you need to make them work effectively for your business. With advanced tracking capabilities and improved order and production efficiency, the “glass” of your menu operations will go from half empty to brimming with opportunity.

A Powerful Tool For Beverage Menus

MenuTrak is a paperless, Web-based software tool that enables beverage alcohol distributors to automate the configuration, approval and production of custom beverage menus and signs. The system eliminates ordering and production errors and speeds up time-to-market delivery of menus. It provides as seamless integration between sales, graphics department and distribution throughout the menu creation process.

MenuTrak tracks and manages all costs and captures crucial dates to ensure full bill-back recovery from suppliers and maximum performance from your sales teams. In addition, the ability to create targeted menus more quickly means that you can better navigate changing conditions to be more competitive and build market share. All of this is available to you right now, with minimal setup and implementation downtime, so you can start optimizing your menu creation process ASAP.

MenuTrak™ allows you to create effective menus more efficiently to improve ROI and grow your business.


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