Beverage & Product Sample Software

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SampleTrak for Product and Beverage Samples


SampleTrak records and reports on beverage samplings, including what was sampled, where and to whom, with tasting comments; tracks sample inventory costs and recovers supplier bill-backs.

The Opportunity

Beverage samples are a great way to generate consumer interest and increase sales of the beer, wine and spirits you distribute. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t offer samples if they didn’t work. But despite their popularity, the cost effectiveness of samples can be a problem if you don’t track information that delivers measurable results needed from retailers in the field.

Because sample inventories sometimes have a strange way of “disappearing,” without an accurate audit trail, you are left with little or no data to refine your business strategy and improve your revenues from sampling. There’s definitely room for improvement.

The SampleTrak Solution

SampleTrak software can help you capitalize on your market share opportunities to get more from your sampling programs. SampleTrak provides detailed information, from what wine or other beverage was sampled, where or who sampled it and the customers’ tasting response—tying it all together to show how it correlates to sales. Once you know what’s really going on with your samples, you can leverage them more effectively.

A Powerful Tool for Product and Beverage Sampling

SampleTrak is a paperless, Web-based software tool that provides a single point of control for managing your entire sampling process. This system helps to prevent losses of inventory and revenues by creating a detailed audit trail for receipts and sample distribution. Lack of documentation and uncertainty doesn’t have to be a part of your beverage alcohol distribution business.

SampleTrak will help you to increase accountability with a detailed audit trail, and to improve profits by allowing you to claim every dollar you are due from suppliers. This system is being successfully implemented by distributors just like you, and best of all, SampleTrak requires virtually no set up, installation, or training so you can be up and running in no time.

SampleTrak™ puts total control of your sampling programs into your hands to deliver immediate, tangible benefits to your business.