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We have been using SignTrak for over 3 years and we are extremely happy with the system. In addition to helping us be more efficient, provide solid data for process improvements, and manage budgets and expenses, we are able to provide great internal customer service and keep the sales teams selling beer!

Camilo Rojas, Director of Marketing, Silver Eagle Distributors


OnTrak Software’s SignTrak solution transforms a sign ordering and tracking process that was extremely manual and lacking in efficiency.  OnTrak’s solutions do it all. They are highly valued tools that are used by Crescent Crown employees every day.

John Thompson, CIO, Crescent Crown Distributing


When it comes to POS, what used to take us three weeks now takes three days!

Giulio Maniglia, Corporate Space Management, Gold Coast Distributors


We’ve been very happy with SignTrak.  SignTrak provides the reporting data and tracking we need so that at the end of the year we can see how much POS went to each retailer compared to sales to that retailer, and evaluate the productivity of our employees that place and produce POS.

Spanky Nanna, Marketing Manager, Golden Eagle Distributors


Distributors consistently spend massive amounts of resources on retail beverage signs each year, but there was no product or tool to consistently measuring its effectiveness. After all, print shop operations, signs and delivery to our retail customers cost money. Following our testing and deployment of the Web-based SignTrak system, we knew it would pay for itself in no time. It streamlines sign ordering, virtually eliminates sign errors or redo’s, and tells us what we spent and why. That entire snapshot of information is invaluable to a beverage distributor.

Mark Baird, Merchandising Manager, Finley Distributing


In a matter of just weeks, it was clear that SignTrak was a solution that pays for itself.  We dramatically reduce costs and standardize our branding efforts.  SignTrak is an invaluable tool that has transformed our at-retail signage into an effective business process.

Jennifer Doering, President, Chas. Seligman Distributing Company 


It’s not difficult to immediately see the benefits of using SignTrak.  We’ve clearly improved the impact of our at-retail marketing.  SignTrak isn’t just technology.  It’s a tool that makes us run our business more efficiently, and consequently, increases sales for our retail customers.

Jack Tatelman, Managing Partner, Merrimack Valley Distribution


We now get our signs out to the market two days earlier than our competition. In the sign shop, we’re productive throughout the day rather than fighting the bottlenecks from our old manual system.  SignTrak allows us to audit POS deployment results so we now make better POS decisions.

Todd Stephens, Sign Shop Manager, Budweiser Distributing



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