Point-of-Sale (POS) Tracking Software for Beverage Distributors

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How Our Customers Improve the Impact & Profitability of POS Marketing

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Features and Benefits

Point-of-Sale (POS) Tracking Software

OnTrak Software is a marketing technology company that develops Point-of-Sale (POS) Tracking Software to help beer, wine and spirits wholesalers Track, Measure and Manage all POS marketing and promotional materials including custom and temporary printed signage, permanent diaplays, custom wine menus, and beverage sampling events.

OnTrak Product Features

Why We're Different

>  A Single point-of-control to reduce POS ordering & production expenses

>  A workflow system to enhance communications and provide a competitive advantage

>  Integrated analysis and reporting tools to improve supplier accountability

>  Inventory Control and Asset tracking for permanent POS and sample inventory

OnTrak Product Benefits

POS Marketing Management

Why Do Beverage Distributors Choose OnTrak?

There are three reasons leading beverage distributors choose OnTrak software. Our systems give them the capability to:

  • Closely Monitor POS Investment A single point-of-control to manage the entire POS marketing process; improve communications; and control permanent POS inventories.
  • Achieve Unmatched POS Cost Savings – An automated, paperless workflow system to eliminate errors and reworks; decrease delivery times; and measure the impact on sales and profits.
  • Increase Accountability with Customers and Supplier – Integrated analysis and reporting tools to deliver accurate and timely information; provide a competitive advantage; and increase supplier recovery.

Quantifed Customer Results

Many of our customers have experienced both quantifiable and qualitative results from the use of our products. Here are a few more examples in three key areas:


> "Increase the success of point-of-sale marketing materials" by getting them to market faster and as a result increasing sales

> Customers are now getting POS to market "up to 3 days ahead of competition",

> "What use to take 3 weeks now takes 3 days"

Costs and Profits

> "Elimination of over 95% of the POS errors and reworks", resulting in saving of both time and materials.  Often tens of thousands of dollars saved per year.

> "Decrease print shop setup and administrative time", reducing production time from days to hours and resulting in the production of up to 20% more marketing materials with existing resources

> "Recoup 100% of the available supplier recovery dollars"


> "Improve communications" between sales and the print shop or warehouse, giving sales representatives more time selling to their customers rather than on the phone with the print shop, graphics department or warehouse.

> "Increase productivity in supplier bill-back recovery" by reducing the time spent on tracking and reporting from weeks to hours

> "Track with 100% accountability" every print job and POS inventory item

> "Provide quick analysis and return-on investment" with a Detailed Report Writer and business intelligence tools - Now done in minutes vs. days

More About Our Product Features

In order to improve the sales impact and profitability of POS Marketing, we have learned there are four key features that go into making up a strong POS Marketing Management System:

Integrated Analysis and Reporting Tools

  • A full suite of business intelligence and reporting tools to produce reports on all the data that has been collected as a byproduct of using the system – Accurate and actionable information that can be used to increase the sales and profitability of your business.

Automated POS Ordering, Print Shop and Marketing Communications Management  

  • A single point of control for the entire POS Marketing process. A standardized system to configure, order, produces and place printed POS materials such as signs and menus.  Tools which when implemented improve communications, measure sales impact, and reduce time to market.

Consistent Cost Tracking and Bill-back Management

  • A system to track and lower ordering and production costs, correlate those costs to sales results, and recover all available supplier bill-backs.

Secure Inventory Control and Asset Management

  • A system to control both permanent POS and product sample inventories. Tools to prevent inventory loss, as well as reports to record what was sampled, where, by whom with their tasting comments.