DeCrescente Distributing Company Oversees Investment in Permanent POS with PermaTrak

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Permanent POS Software

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PermaTrak Software for Permanent Signage TrackingKEEP CONSUMERS ON TAP WITH PERMATRAK®


PermaTrak® controls permanent POS inventory from receipt, to order, through picking and placement; tracks POS costs and retail value, and can assist with compliance to local regulations.

The Opportunity

Permanent and semi-permanent Point-of-Sale (POS) marketing is the cornerstone of on-premise alcohol beverage sales. Things like coolers, flashy neon signs, and distinctive tap handles are great at catching the eyes of consumers and building brand recognition and loyalty—some might even go on to become collectibles. Retailers love these items because, in addition to bolstering specific product sales, they can add ambience and flare to their locations that help to inexpensively retain customers who also spend money in other areas of the retailer’s business.

The problem with these permanent POS assets is that over time they can fall into disrepair, or even go “missing”—perhaps to end up as the focal point of some college kid’s apartment. Luckily, there is a way to protect your POS investment.

The PermaTrak®  Solution

PermaTrak® can help you maintain and better utilize your permanent and semi-permanent POS assets to ensure that you get the longest service life from them before they “retire” to a campus hotspot or suburban basement. By accurately tracking inventory and status, PermaTrak allows you to schedule regular maintenance and cleaning, and even gauge sales performance at specific locations to better understand what works and where. With a better picture of how these items work within your business, you can create new sales plans or alter existing ones to optimize your ROI.

A Powerful Tool For Permanent POS

PermaTrak® is a paperless, Web-based software platform that enables alcohol beverage distributors to securely manage and control permanent and semi-permanent POS inventory. PermaTrak provides a single point of control that allows you to know everything that’s going on with your permanent POS inventories, from receipt, to order, through picking and placement. The system tracks costs, maintenance and competitive activity; and can assist with compliance to local regulations.

The software is so powerful that it can accurately manage inventories of any size, across multiple locations, with assignment to rack and bin locations, as well as allocation to sales groups. Because PermaTrak runs totally online, you can access it wherever you have an Internet connection. Thanks to its straightforward design and interface, the training required to use it effectively is kept to a minimum so you can get to work right away. 

PermaTrak® software allows you to secure increased profitability from your permanent and semi-permanent POS inventory to improve ROI and increase market share.