Who Uses OnTrak Software?

Point-of-Sale (POS) Tracking Software

OnTrak Software solutions are used by beverage wholesale distributors ranging in size from under $10 million to nearly $4 billion in annual sales.  Our customers are located in large and small cities alike and from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

Thousands of individual OnTrak users log on to our products every day and use our solutions to manage, control and measure a key revenue driver for their businesses: Point-of-Sale Marketing (POS) Campaigns.

By the end of 2012, over 1,000,000 at-retail promotional items, including custom, temporary and permanent signs and displays, beverage menus, and product and beverage samples will have been ordered, tracked and placed in retail locations by our customers’ sales and merchandising representatives.

Why Do Beverage Distributors Choose OnTrak?

There are three reasons beverage distributors choose OnTrak:

  • Track and Lower POS Costs A single point-of-control for POS marketing management which dramatically reduces POS ordering and production expenses. Reduces POS errors and reworks by up to 95%.

  • Speed POS Time-to-Market – A POS workflow system to improve communications and provide a strong competitive advantage. Reduces POS delivery times from weeks to days.

  • Increase Supplier Bill-backsIntegrated analysis and reporting tools which deliver accurate and timely information to improve accountability with suppliers. Increases Cents-per-Case recovery by .5¢ to 1¢ per case for beer distributors.

OnTrak customers are those businesses that invest in at-retail promotion because they understand the impact of Point-of-Sale Marketing. OnTrak customers tell us that they value both the rapid customer acceptance and sales campaign ROI that comes as a result of effective and timely campaigns. They also believe a comparable investment in virtually any other marketing program takes too long, is difficult to measure, and will not provide an almost immediate sales bump.

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