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OnTrak's Suite of Digital Tools for POS Tracking, Line Cleaning and Tap Handle Surveying Delivers Value to All Functions of Your Business.

No matter what your place is in the beverage distributor world, OnTrak Software’s market-driven tools can help you and your colleagues save time and money, cut down on errors and reworks grow your business faster. After years of working with thousands of reps, team leaders, managers and executives, we’ve come to understand where distributorships leak money and miss opportunities.

Here are some examples of how the functions of distributors of all sizes can use OnTrak software tools to build better POS marketing, line cleaning and tap handle surveying practices:

Sales and Marketing Management

SignTrak manages the custom POS signage process, automating communications between sales and sign shop. PermaTrak™ creates a digital catalog of permanent POS so reps can easily see what in inventory and in the trade. Reps love the simplified process of ordering POS, and managers love that reps have more hours each week to do what they do best: sell.

Print Shops and Inventory Operations

SignTrak software moves signage orders to electronic, paperless records, which means less guesswork for sign shops, fewer errors and faster turnaround times. PermaTrak controls permanent POS inventory and tracks POS costs. A similar paperless management system is what makes LineTrak the most efficient way for operations to track their draught line cleaning activities and to maximize their tap presence in the market.

Financial Management

Use SignTrak, PermaTrak, SampleTrak and MenuTrak to track costs by account and product, ensure 100 percent supplier bill-back recovery, understand how costs have translated to return on investment and how to adjust spending to maximize profits in the future.

General Management

Keep a bird’s eye view of all your business processes from start to finish with the entire OnTrak software suite, ensuring business units have the resources they need to keep profits up and costs down.

Why OnTrak?

OnTrak Software has developed digital tools for tracking both POS marketing materials, line cleaning activities and tap handle surveying that make operations teams faster and more efficient. In all cases your teams receive the vital information they need to do their job more quickly and effectively. Because OnTrak tailors each instance of its POS tracking and line cleaning/tap survey applications to the individual distributor, nothing is left out or left to chance — so no time is wasted.

What is it about the portfolio of OnTrak software solution that specifically helps your operational personnel?

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