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Track, Measure and Manage Your Investments in POS Marketing, Line Cleaning, and Tap Handle Surveying

Reduce Costs, Increase Sales and Maximize Profits

No matter how many beverage alcohol you sell and deliver each month, you have a lot to gain from improved tracking, measurement and management. OnTrak Software’s web-based tools give you all that capability and more. The math is simple:

The Right Decisions, Made Easier

With OnTrak Software’s multi-use, accessible-anywhere platform, tracking costs becomes a natural part of your workflow. Beyond the hours each week that operations and sales and marketing personnel save by initiating orders electronically, your company is also creating a complete record of all your POS marketing, line cleaning, and tap handle surveying activities. Simply pull a preset report or customized report on-demand, and share the exact data you, your customers and your supplier contacts are looking for.

Increase Supplier Bill-Back Recovery and Accountability

Few distributors have tapped in to the unique opportunities suppliers have presented them. When distributors fail to track marketing costs that are subject to bill-back or other compensation, they’re leaving money on the table. When distributors are unable to easily collect and rapidily report to suppliers on line cleaning compliance, they risk their business relationships.

Each of OnTrak Software’s specialized tools can have an immediate impact on your POS marketing management, line cleaning and tap handle survey efficiencies. Pick and choose among the tools that matter most to enhancing your relationships with suppliers and customers:

Reduce Costs to Increase Sales — and Start Now

No one wants to leave money on the table. If you’re not getting the absolute maximum in bill-back recovery you could be getting, or feel you’ve yet to come close to reducing your POS expenses as much as possible, there’s a better option available. If you’re not able to report quickly to suppliers on your line cleaning compliance, then take another look. OnTrak Software is built around making beverage alcohol distributors work smarter, and getting started is easy. Call our product experts at so we can consult with you on the best combination of tools and features for your business.

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