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Print Shop Operations

Manual methods of ordering printed point-of-sale (POS) marketing collateral lead to errors, scale poorly and seldom have a reliable paper trail. What if you could get all the information you needed to accurately execute all menu and sign orders — from sales ordering, through production and placement, including detailed costs and supplier recovery — in an instantly created, paperless and permanent record?

Permanent POS Inventory Operations

Knowing where permanent POS items are located, what they cost to purchase, repair, or repurchase if lost or stolen, is very important. But there’s a better reason for having a permanent POS tracking system. Consider the following question: How did the all that work to place permanent POS in your on-premise accounts impact or improve sales? 

Line Cleaning Operations

Whether cleaning is done in-house or outsourced to a third party, it’s nearly impossible to effectively and efficiently document and manage line cleaning activities; to make sure they meet the stringent standards set by suppliers, retailers, and state regulators. What if there was a way to replace your paper-based systems, with an ‘app’ for both Apple and Android devices, that makes it simple for you to integrate online scheduling and reporting activities data, and makes it more convenient for field technicians to access and submit essential information.

Tap Handle Survey Operations

The ability of operational personnel to collect and track tap handle market data is critical in this very cluttered and competitive market. Wholesalers need to know which products are flowing through active taps, and when a product is replaced by another product. Imagine a tool that provides constant data on a wholesaler’s presence in any particular establishment, logging every beer brand and its position on the tap, including competitors. Armed with this information, wholesaler representatives are better positioned to recommend changes and replacements that further increase the wholesaler’s business. 

Information Technology Operations

From an information technology perspective, here's the best news of all. OnTrak does it all for your company.

Our cloud-based, on-demand applications relay all the crucial details of your operations directly to the appropriate organizations. There is no complicated hardware or software for your IT operations staff to learn, implement or support. OnTrak hosts all the applications, provides regular updates and problem resolution, and keep your data safe and secure.

The team at OnTrak Software can take your operations to the next level — quickly, powerfully and without disrupting business as usual. Implementation and training are provided, and support is always available to help you further refine what you’ve learned.

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