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Ordering, managing and tracking point-of-sale (POS) collateral has been a thorn in the side of beverage distribution sales and marketing professionals for decades. As significant and expensive as POS marketing is for distributors, few have the tools to give them a real grasp on what expenditures actually lead to sales. And as both products and marketing materials become more diverse, your work becomes even more difficult to stay on top of — let alone optimize.

OnTrak Software’s multi-use, accessible-anywhere platform saves sales and marketing professionals time ordering custom and permanent signage, and it’s obvious from the start. But the insight into how much or what you’re spending on brands and customers can also impact your POS return on investment. The data you need to focus funds on what works will be at your fingertips in a matter of weeks.

Serve Customers at Record Speeds

Quickly input information on POS orders and sampling in the field with a digital tools that are available on all technology platforms including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. With a sales and marketing POS ordering system that OnTrak builds based on your needs, graphics and printing staffs have all the relevant information to produce accurate orders immediately. It’s easy to understand the night-and-day difference this coordination and communication makes for faster time-to-market.

Selecting the right template is easy, too. Because there are visuals of the graphics, you can simply select a template and add information like size and price.

Find the Keys to Selling More Product

The more information you collect on orders for temporary, custom signage, permanent signage and/or beverage menus, the more data you build to make better decisions in the future. With tangible spending data in-hand that’s directly correlated to sales figures, you have all the ammunition you need to generate more sales — and adapt when something isn’t working.

Hit the Ground Running

Sales and marketing teams don’t need IT to implement a newer, better process — in fact, OnTrak can address most of the setup and training for your company in just a few weeks. The first step is for our team to understand your business needs and scale to deliver you the appropriate solution.

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