February 16, 2015 | POS Tracking Software

You Can't Afford NOT To Implement POS Marketing Technology

OnTrak Software is a Cincinnati, Ohio based company; so we’ll be using Ohio data to guide and support my remarks in this week’s blog.

February 8, 2015 | POS Tracking Software

In-Store Point-of-Sale Marketing Displays Help Score Sales - WSJ

“A Super-Bowl Ad Is Just Half the Battle: In-Store Displays — the Bigger the Better — Help Marketers Score Actual Sales”

February 2, 2015 | POS Tracking Software

Will 2015 Be the Year of POS Marketing Technology Adoption?

If you’re a beverage alcohol supplier or distributor, there’s a good chance you subscribe to Beer Business Daily or Wine and Spirits Daily. These publications deal with a broad spectrum of subjects and often provide “inside baseball” type insights about overall market trends affecting the beverage alcohol market - And for suppliers and distributors information on mergers and acquisitions.

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