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11 Alcohol Trends to Watch in the Year Ahead — And the Value of Monitoring Analytics

Mark Fullerton

A few months back, Beverage Dynamics posted an interesting article about the prominent trends defining alcohol retail in 2019-20 (article linked below).


Here are some of the observations from the article:

  • Lower alcohol beverages popularity is surging
  • Craft beer is no longer a niche product
  • Spirits: high end is in demand
  • Environmental Friendliness is key



Beverage-alcohol industry analytics are increasingly being used to identify and forecast market trends for 2020.  Distributors, as they formulate their POS marketing initiatives, can greatly benefit from an understanding of an increasingly dynamic market.


Distributors, with their increased focus on both logistics and at-retail (point-of-sale) marketing, are positioned to analyze their POS initiatives’ impact on sales demand. Coupling market intelligence with market trends can enable distributors to go on the offense — a POS-led offense.


A POS ordering tool is, of course, necessary to realize ordering efficiencies, but a tracking, measuring, and managing platform, today, is the state-of-the-art digital tool to enable distributors to strategically order, create, and place POS for maximum impact (i.e., additional sales).


A POS program that is both aware of and responsive to market trends is one of the keys to increased distributor sales.  


With the increasing emphasis and reliance on POS, the adoption of a complete POS management system - instead of a simple POS ordering system - has emerged as the distributor’s key tool to gain and retain market share.


**We offer such tools and are happy to share details with you if you would like to learn more.


Check out the full Beverage Dynamics  article here:

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