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Beer Marketing — Why Measuring Your POS Sells More Beer!

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Beer Marketing — Why Measuring Your POS Sells More Beer!

Beer, as a Consumer Packaged Good, faces a lot of competition! Even your local gas station has a sign next to the pumps saying "Over 300 Beers in Our Beer Cave". What’s a beer distributor to do with this much competition?

Samuel Adams — A Good Example

There was an ad that had the tag line: "For the Love of Beer." Perhaps you've seen the hashtag, #ForTheLoveOfBeer from Samuel Adams (That’s “Samuel,” not Sam, please). The brewery started this campaign to differentiate their brews.

Their ads, Internet content, and in-store point-of-sale (POS) materials, were all synchronized to the "For the Love of Beer" theme. Their TV commercials were and still are so good you don’t want to press the 30-second advance button on your remote.

Several editions were produced, notably the "Valentine's Day Edition." Click here to refresh your memory: 
Beer drinkers identified with Samuel Adams’ "Love" theme — and even looked for it in store aisles.

Your POS Message In A Cluttered Market

Beer marketers figured out some time ago that there’s value in point-of-sale advertising when it feels more like looking at the panel of a storyboard, rather than trying to sell something by just publishing the price.

Now, we’re not suggesting that price is unimportant, not at all. What we’re suggesting is that there are many other things to look at in order to determine the effectiveness of your message in converting shoppers into buyers.

In order to do this, POS Measurement is critical, so read on...

It is important to remember that "Over 300 Beers in Our Beer Cave" at the end of the gas-pump island of your local gas station carry-out can be very compelling since this "POS" is being seen by someone who is a few feet away from the actual beer cave containing those 300 brews.

Once inside of the beer cave, the shopper — who may not even have been thinking about beer when pulling into the gas station — will be met with a dizzying array of beers from which to choose. 

With the wide variety of beer options, how will consumers be "persuaded" to try your brand, which is only 1/300th of the selection?

Some would have you believe that the shopper will open up the browser on their smart-phone and start “googling” your brand.

In reality, the compelling printed POS (sign) or permanent POS (lights, mirrors, tap handles or display cases) is what will likely move the shopper to buy. 

Measuring POS Marketing Effectiveness

But, how do you know what is the most effective POS “message”? Finding out what is most effective is the job of the wholesaler — and reliably finding that out requires a “tool that can give you the most accurate data.” This data will allow you to measure the effectiveness of the story you’re telling, even if your product tastes best, or has the most compelling price message — or both.

Beer marketing continues to evolve. When a shopper is at the place and time where a selection and purchase can be made, that is where the most important “story” of all should be told. 

The facts are that POS marketing remains the most influential way to market to your prospective customers. Assuming, of course, that your goal is to get them to buy.

What Makes Consumers Choose Your Brand

Faced with an overwhelming amount of choice and limited time, are consumers capable of keeping track of what beers provide the most persuasive “stories”? Even asking that question suggests a daunting task.

In the same way, we all will seek persuasive stories and messages, our own biases drive us to take notice of some point-of-sale messages, while completely overlooking others.

As someone who has a vested interest in knowing what POS works best for our customers, it is obvious to me that you will increase your likelihood of survival and success when you measure the outcomes of your point-of-sale advertising and promotional initiatives.

When the time comes, distributors who have managed to tell the best, or most persuasive, “story” about their brands will be the ones who will not only survive, but will be the ones who have the best chance of prospering.

Gone are the days of putting up some signs in a beer cave containing 299 other brands and “cashing the check”. 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, only those distributors who track, measure and manage their point-of-sale (POS) programs will have a chance at phenomenal success.  That’s what we do here at OnTrak.

Here’s the bottom line: Measured POS accomplishes the goal of getting folks to buy your beer.
May the best POS win! 

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