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Beer, Wine & Spirits Distributors: Getting Started Using QR Codes in Your Printed POS – And Why You Should Consider it

Todd Grote

In a crowded omni-channel retail landscape, increasing product sales is all about consumer engagement. QR codes are a great tool to use to get your potential customers engaged.


Over the last few years, QR Codes seem to be popping up everywhere. You can now find them enhancing your favorite product packaging or optimizing the effectiveness of business cards and resumes. And yes, they can play a role in your printed POS materials as well.


What Are QR Codes?

QR codes, short for "quick response" codes, are square-shaped black-and-white symbols that people can scan using a smartphone to learn more about a consumer product, access an offer, or visit a website. They can convey a wide variety of information almost instantly with the scan of a mobile device.


Why use QR Codes?

They are more versatile than traditional bar codes – and easier for consumers to access. In fact, these days, the newer versions of smartphones have a built-in QR Code reader in the phone camera.


How you can use QR Codes in your POS marketing:

Coupons – The Coupon QR Code is perfect to help you optimize your coupon campaign by allowing customers to simply scan the code from your printed POS to instantly save or use your coupon. Customers can email your coupons to themselves and share them with friends on social media or anywhere online. By saving coupons to their phone, customers never forget to bring them to be redeemed.


Promote an Event – With the Event QR Code, you can help your event marketing efforts succeed in generating more attendees. By offering additional information with the Code, you ensure consumers can save your event dates on their favorite mobile calendar, link to Google Maps for directions, and register or purchase tickets in advance to simplify planning.


Get more info – Use a QR code to drive consumers to a specially-designed product landing page. There they can get more information about the brand or product you are promoting.


Drive visitors to a website – Similarly, you can use a QR code to drive consumers to a website. Yours or your supplier’s.



Getting started with QR Codes:

Once you have an idea for the kind of information you want to share with your target audience, you can use a site like QR Code Generator and select the appropriate type of Code, input the necessary information, and design your QR Code to fit your brand image or your own personal taste.  Other tools for QR code generation include:

  1. Kaywa
  3. Free QR Code Generator by Shopify
  4. Visualead


Most of these QR Code generators will walk you through the steps needed to implement QR codes in your POS marketing.  Steps like designing the QR code itself, linking it to the offer/content, testing it, and analyzing results.


In a crowded omni-channel retail landscape, increasing product sales is all about consumer engagement. QR codes are a great tool to use to get your potential customers engaged.


If you would like to dig deeper into learning about QR codes, HubSpot has a great primer here:


And if you would like help tracking, measuring and managing your printed POS program and materials (with or without QR codes), we have software tools that can help.  Please reach out here for a free consultation or demonstration.

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