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Building Your Beverage Brand with Point-of-Sale Marketing

Mark Fullerton

I’d like to draw your attention to a beverage-centric website that is literally chock-full of good-to-know and need-to-know information. The web site is Beverage Trade Network 

Recently I found an article on this site that is very relevant to the subjects we blog about here — How to increase beverage sales and profitability with Point-of-Sale (POS) Marketing Communications Management!

Beverage Trade Network

The Beverage Trade Network article is entitled, “Beverage Brand Building, Difficulties in Brand Building in the Current Beverage Environment.” The provided link (See Note below.) also includes a discussion about, “Why a sales rep selling your brand is the most important person you have in your sales and supply chain?

Not too surprisingly, based on the title, the article describes the uphill battle any new brand has in a beverage market that many believe to be oversaturated and overcrowded. A market where there are already too many categories and too many brands.

The first part of the article outlines the importance of getting the distributor’s attention, and then supporting their sales and merchandising efforts.

The second part of the article discusses how sales reps can provide better distributor support, either with beverage samples of the new products (beer, wine, spirits and others) or by providing ‘good POS’ or sales sheets. Both of which tell the distributors that the supplier cares about their companies.

They’re singing our tune! 

Every day, another article, case-study or white-paper comes across my desk referencing the ever increasing number of beverage brands and products and how important point-of-sale marketing is to their survival, growth and success.

American Antitrust Institute

Speaking of the importance of point-of-sale (POS) marketing, one of our customers sent me a PDF of a document produced by the American Antitrust Institute for the Department of Justice. (See Note below) It’s a 17-page document and there are six references to Point-of-Sale Marketing. On Page 6 there is a reference to POS which is quite remarkable considering that it came from an anti-trust attorney, not a beverage sales rep:

"Since many beer drinkers make purchasing decisions based on impulse, point-of-sale marketing can play a big role in the success of brands."

Apparently, it’s no longer an inside secret. Even the government knows.

POS works — Especially if your objective is to introduce and sell a new brand at-retail or sell more of an existing brand.

Next Steps

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to click on the link and document below, do your own research, and give me a call to discuss this further 513.936.4031. Thank you.

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Links to referred-to websites and articles:

Beverage Trade Network

Beverage Brand Building, Difficulties in Brand Building in the Current Beverage Environment

American Antitrust Institute

Halting Beer’s March to Monopoly — Refer to Page 6 highlighted text


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