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Can Off-Premise POS Play a Positive Role in the Current Crisis?

Todd Grote

Over the weekend, a beer distributor in the Midwest delivered unsold beer from closed on-premise accounts to apartment buildings to encourage beer drinkers to stay home.


Unprecedented is the only word that can capture this unique period of time we are all experiencing together. For whatever it is worth, we wanted to share an idea of how beer, wine & spirits distributors can contribute to positive change that can help us, as a nation, get through this crisis faster.

There is so much good information being shared out there in various media (social included) about how to deal with current events, and the one phrase that really resonates with us is “flatten the curve.”  We are all in this together and as we work together to stay calm, look out for one another, and work towards a common goal (flattening the curve), we are sure to come out of this trial stronger as a nation and as a business community.

While much of the country appears to be receiving and heeding the “flatten the curve” message, we in the beverage distribution industry have access to a unique messaging system that can help spread the word — and help slow the spread of the virus: In-house print shops.

Printed POS can be created for off-premise accounts (especially grocery and c-store) that encourages folks to do their part to “flatten the curve.” Distributor marketing teams can brainstorm creative phrasing for signs that encourage consumers to do their drinking at home for the time being and ride out this temporary storm.  Popular hashtags arising on social media can be worked into the signs such as #flattenthecurve and #socialdistancing. We’re sure there are other ideas out there that are above our creativity pay grade.

(Photo courtesy of Nike)

Undoubtedly some distributors have thought of this already and we applaud the messaging efforts out there in the market.  This is a serious crisis the world is facing, but like all crises, it has a shelf life. It will pass.  In the meantime, The OnTrak team is continuing to work remotely from various locations and striving to move forward in these complicated times. We will be ready to continue helping distributors get a handle on their POS costs and activities when all of this is over. So please stay safe, stay healthy, and #flattenthecurve.

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