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New Case Study — Beer Distributor Sees Significant Benefits from Deploying OnTrak’s POS Marketing Software

Todd Grote

Sales team at Anheuser-Busch distributor spanning nine Tennessee counties gives new POS marketing management system a big ‘thank you’.

Central Distributing Case StudyAs good as the US economy is right now, beer distributors know that making their operations more efficient is always important to keeping their economies growing and profitable. We recently completed a case study with Central Distributors, a Western Tennessee beer distributor.

Our study focuses on the operational efficiencies that can be achieved by tracking, measuring, and managing point-of-sale (POS) marketing materials.

A little more than a year ago, Central implemented SignTrak and PermaTrak with the express purpose of improving the management of their custom, temporary signage and permanent POS expenses.

We spoke with Central’s General Manager, Michael Overbey, to create our case study. He told us that he was looking to make his sales staff’s ordering and placement of POS more efficient, and that he was looking for value.

Overbey explains, in his own words, why he chose OnTrak’s products and how these products have benefitted Central’s operations and POS marketing efforts. He also described the process he went through to select OnTrak’s offerings and the implementation process. Additionally, Overbey describes the business impact and how long it took to realize OnTrak’s benefits.

Central has been using SignTrak and PermaTrak for over a year. The case study highlights the important features, functions and value Central has realized. The study describes the impact on the sales reps, and the ramp-up time to transition from the old way of ordering and tracking POS to the new systems.

It is worth noting that this case study describes how OnTrak helped Central’s bottom line while enhancing their professionalism in the markets they serve.

Of course, Overbey, as the General Manager, was not looking to increase Central’s costs, just the opposite. You’ll hear from him, in his own words, how OnTrak’s applications have saved the distributor money.

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Please click on the following link to download your free copy of this valuable and informative case study.

Central Distributors Case Study

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