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The Importance of Properly Managing (and Tracking) Draught Line Cleaning

Mark Fullerton

If You Tap It, They Will Come!

You may think having your beer and wine flowing through fresh, clean tap lines is a good thing because clean lines don’t contaminate your products with bacteria or other foreign substances.

No one wants to even think about “chunky” beer, do they? 

Beer flowing through clean lines tastes better — and tastes as the brewery intended. Can’t argue with that! 

Of course, there is also the fact that even if the bacteria in dirty tap lines didn’t impact the taste of your beer — It’s still bacteria! 
We all know that breweries, distributors, retailers, and most important of all, customers all benefit from tap line cleanliness. Most of us also know that cleaning tap lines regularly — at least every two-weeks — is required to minimize the negative effects of bacteria and “other junk” in the lines.

But, did you know that the cleaning process itself — the process that keeps the lines that your beers and wines flow through fresh and clean — can also have a powerful, and probably an unintended consequence. Imagine being able to provide your business with marketing intelligence about the cleaning process. Of course this assumes that you track, measure and manage the cleaning process. 

Perhaps you’ve never thought of line cleaning as something other than an operational expense, or something that needs to be done for hygiene reasons only. Maybe you thought, too: “If my beer’s flavor isn’t compromised by dirty tap lines, I won’t lose sales.” 

And you’d be right.

A New Approach

Since the introduction of LineTrak in 2017, our customers have scheduled and reported on millions of line cleaning events using LineTrak. What we have learned from them is that line cleaning can be one of the most valuable marketing intelligence gathering tools — ever! 

Based on customer feedback, we added a Tap Handle Survey tool to LineTrak. Your people, or even your third party cleaning companies, can now provide you with up-to-date information about the number of tap lines in your customers and what beer or other beverage is flowing through every line.

Information Is Power — Two Examples

Line Cleaning — A valuable feature of LineTrak is one that could save you from a huge legal headache The “Safety Reminder” pops-up and provides the line cleaner with a safety check-list that outlines the steps that are necessary to perform and requires the cleaners to press a button marked “I agree.” Think of this pop-up as the “lawyer screen”, a feature that just may save you from “being served.”

Tap Handle Survey — This feature provides a comprehensive market share measurement system. Knowing the number of towers, taps and what is flowing through each and every one of them can be a distributor’s early warning system. For example, if tap lines are being lost to competitors the information collected can be used so that your reps can gain the upper hand by offering substitute products

To learn more about LineTrak and all its line cleaning and tap handle survey capabilities, please click this link: LineTrak Line Cleaning Software.

In Conclusion

LineTrak keeps track of your customer, on-premise, line cleaning schedules, creates and monitors all cleaning activities, and in addition provides you with actionable marketing intelligence. Sounds too-good-to-be-true or like something that someone will come up with someday? 

The good news is that multiple beer distributors across the country came up with the requirements for LineTrak that you’ve been reading about here, today.  We created LineTrak for distributors just like you.

LineTrak ‘app’ runs on any smart phone or tablet (IOS, Android, Microsoft) and can be rolled out to your line cleaners or your line cleaning company for as little as $1 per account, per year.

The best way to see the value of LineTrak is to view a live, online demonstration. 

Click the following link to: Request a Demo, or call one of our product experts at 513-936-4041.

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