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Draught Line Cleaning — Part 3 — The OnTrak Solution - LineTrak

Mark Fullerton

This is the third of a three-part blog discussing the tracking of draught beer line- cleaning.


In Part 1, “The Problem,” we introduced, defined, described and discussed draught-beer line cleaning.

In summary, draught-beer lines need to be cleaned at least every two-weeks to keep your beers tasting great. In some states, beer line cleaning is the retailer’s responsibility, but overall, beer distributors have a vested interest in making sure their customers’ draught-beer lines are clean.

In Part 2, “Possible Solutions,” we discussed several solutions to tracking and managing the draught-beer line cleaning process.

We identified possible solutions distributors might consider, with each one requiring the maintaining of a tap-line cleaning log and check list showing completion of the required cleaning steps. A number of options were discussed, summarized as follows:

  1. Wholesale distributors could choose to sub-contract draught-line cleaning to a third-party provider and also require that they provide both distributors and their retail customers with detailed reporting including “when” the lines were cleaned and “what steps” were completed, with customer sign off;
  2. Wholesale distributors could elect to develop their own software application designed to be used by the distributor’s own line cleaning crew their device of choice or,
  3. Wholesale distributors could choose to subscribe to an already developed software application that can execute in an Internet connected, or stand-alone environment, and on virtually any form-factor, such as a tablet, iPad, Android, or Surface device.

What is OnTrak Doing?

In Part Two, we also noted that OnTrak Software is currently developing a tap-line cleaning and tracking application that will address the needs of beverage distributors to meet the requirements of their suppliers to take on the task of line cleaning or; what to establish a “best-practice” to gain a competitive advantage as a superior draught-line cleaning provider.

After having solicited the input of several distributors and our customers, we are confident we will soon be bringing to market a robust digital tool — A software ‘App’ that provides verification of draught system cleaning so you can be confident you are serving a consistently great-tasting beer.

Introducing LineTrakâ„¢

As mentioned in our last blog we’re already in the development stage of this software. It should come as little surprise that we’ve christened this new software “LineTrakâ„¢”.

LineTrakâ„¢ replaces a paper-based system, providing visibility into a two-week schedule and cleaning activity records, including customer acknowledgement.

As part of our LineTrakâ„¢ offering, we listened to our target market (beer distributors) and we determined the new application will be developed to run on tablet-type form factors.

We’ve also come to the conclusion that the most beneficial tool for our customers would be one that provided both a connected and unconnected capability allowing users in the trade to work with the app even in off-line situations (on either PC/Windows based tablets or more typically Apple and Android form factors, e.g., iPads).

Current LineTrakâ„¢ Features

We determined that unlike most apps, a centralized administrative functionality would also need to be developed by our technical team that would provide companies with the following features:

  1. Access to Back Office Application’s Data
  2. Account Line Cleaning Assignment/Scheduling
  3. Daily Synchronizing of the Off-line devices with the line cleaning central administrative/scheduling system
  4. Survey Question Responses
  5. Reporting Including: Activities by day and by Rep; Activities by week and by Rep; Cleanings scheduled but not completed
  6. Line Cleaning Vehicle Tracking (GPS)

Naturally as we begin to roll LineTrakâ„¢ out to customers, the product will continue to grow as new features and functions are identified. At this point, however, we’re excited to be well along the process of developing the app and are — today — anxious to discuss, in greater depth, the features and functions of this valuable new digital tool for beverage distributors.

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