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How Distributors Can Guarantee 100 Percent of Supplier Bill-Backs

Denis Clark

How Distributors Can Guarantee 100 Percent of Supplier Bill-Back Recovery

Internet-based tools now exist to help wholesalers and distributors transform their graphics and print shops from cost centers into profit centers

As we go through tax time once again, it brings to light a unique analogy for wholesale beverage distributors. Who doesn’t like to get all the money they’re eligible to receive? Wholesale distributors are no different. Each year, their suppliers send hundreds of millions of dollars in the form of bill-backs for expenses related to point-of-sale signage, menus, samples and other marketing materials.

However, wholesalers seem to lack any clear way to be sure they’re receiving the maximum amount of bill-backs.  And even the suppliers are not sure they are getting the ‘bang for the bucks’ they are spending to promote their brands.

Today there are automated solutions that guarantee wholesalers obtain 100 percent of the allowable supplier bill-back recovery dollars. Today there are many manual systems being used by wholesale distributors.  But experience shows that these systems are no doubt prone to expensive mistakes. There are also custom homegrown solutions for bill-back recovery. But wholesale distributors are not in the business of developing and maintain their own information technology (IT) solutions. Time spent developing and maintaining their own application takes people and money away from fulfilling their core goals and objectives - which are supporting their customers and selling more beverages.

Wholesalers need a system that accurately tracks and manages, as well as ‘recovers’ the maximum supplier marketing co-op dollars available from their suppliers. The more dollars a wholesaler is able to recover, the more they are able to reduce their overall point-of sale marketing expenses. Using measured and managed point-of-sale marketing systems from OnTrak Software, wholesalers can drive down the cost of producing, placing and managing their point-of-sale marketing campaigns, as well as increase sales and grow market share by producing campaigns and promotions that are impactful and profitable.

OnTrak’s marketing management tools give wholesale distributor the capability to transform their graphics and printing organizations from cost centers into profit centers. These OnTrak software tools are MenuTrak, for custom beverage menus, and SignTrak for custom POS.

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