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How OnTrak Software Increases Sales and Measures POS Marketing ROI

Mark Fullerton

Before we discuss how OnTrak Software products work to track, measure and report on the effectiveness of point-of-sale materials and shopper marketing promotions, we need to make absolutely certain we all agree on the following fact:

Before we discuss how OnTrak Software products work to track, measure and report on the effectiveness of point-of-sale materials and shopper marketing promotions, we need to make absolutely certain we all agree on the following fact:

>>Shoppers make the vast majority of their retail purchase decisions in the store

Although billions of dollars are still spent every year on media buys, there has been an accelerating shift, toward at-retail promotions, and away from traditional broadcast media. This is due to the difficulty in placing ads that will actually be seen. Cable TV audiences have hundreds of channels to choose from, and a 40% DVR penetration - All that money to have your commercials fast-forwarded!

Consumer Goods (CG) companies, aware of the increased impact of shopper marketing, have expressed their need to measure shopper marketing’s ROI; but, many of these companies believe they lack the tools (or that there are no tools on the market) to help them determine which shopper marketing programs were the most effective.

OnTrak products can provide CG suppliers, distributors and retailers with the reporting tools that demonstrate the correlation between at-retail marketing programs and sales.  OnTrak products can also provide CG suppliers with ROI information by comparing the costs of the production of Point-of-Sale (POS) Marketing materials and the resultant sales.

Here’s How OnTrak Products Work:

POS Order Entry - The supplier’s or distributor’s representative, working with the retail customer, determines the POS promotional materials that would help stimulate the sales of a particular product or brand. Next, the promotional message, type and size of POS are agreed to and the representative selects information to be entered on an electronic order form. The form is then transmitted to the graphic design and print shop for production.

POS Production - Throughout the process, OnTrak software keeps track of every element of the POS and its costs. When the POS request has been approved, design begins. Once the layout is complete, the designer records the time it took to complete the design and the system calculates the design costs. During production, the time required to produce the POS is recorded and translated into production costs, and added to the total labor cost of the POS.  

POS Placement - When the POS is placed at the retail locations, a start date is recorded. Likewise, when the POS is removed, an end date is recorded. The system now has the capability to determine the length of time the POS display or signage was deployed.

POS Impact - Lastly, sales data for the item promoted on the POS is gathered for the same start and end dates as the display or sign was in place. It is now possible to compare sales data to the POS used to promote it, thereby providing a correlation and dependence between the at-retail promotion and sales.

What Our Customers Tell Us

OnTrak customers have told us that being able to track their POS allows them to finally control the POS process. Armed with that data, they can determine what type and size of POS materials are the most effective in providing a sales lift. For example, they have learned that for the promotion of CG products such as beverages, a few large signs may be much more effective in generating a sales lift than many smaller signs — and they have the data to prove it.

OnTrak customers also enjoy over a 95% reduction in POS reworks. The virtual elimination of errors typically pays for the OnTrak tool within a few months. The cost reduction alone is generally 2 to 3 times the product subscription costs, giving our customers a rapid ROI on the OnTrak product itself.

Over 100 Beverage-Alcohol Distributors Trust OnTrak solutions.

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