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In-Store Point-of-Sale Marketing Displays Help Score Sales - WSJ

Mark Fullerton

“A Super-Bowl Ad Is Just Half the Battle:  In-Store Displays – the Bigger the Better – Help Marketers Score Actual Sales”

This Wall Street Journal article marks first time I’ve seen a reference to the “equality of importance” of point-of-sale (POS) marketing. The key word here is: Equality as in “as important as” something else. Quoting from the article:

“It is equally important, ad industry executives say, to make a splash at retail stores with elaborate displays that stand out to reinforce a brand’s message and – fingers crossed –actually lead to a purchase.”

OnTrak Software Perspective

Our opinions have come a long way from 2005 when we implemented our first SignTrak customer. As you may know our SignTrak product is an on-line application that allows beverage alcohol companies to track, measure and manage one of their largest expense category - In-store marketing materials.

Typically this is referred to simply as printed POS. (We also have a product to track Permanent POS - PermaTrak)

Back in 2005, we knew POS marketing was very important. We also knew it was a significant expense item for beverage alcohol companies. But based on the actual spending at the time, we knew that traditional marketing (broadcast and print) still commanded the lion’s share of marketing spending by the big beverage companies.

We also were as certain then — as we are now — that shoppers actually buy consumer packaged goods (dominated by beverages) almost exclusively in stores, not while watching TV ads, and not even while watching Super-Bowl ads.

Yet, we also knew that Big Beer was spending considerably lesser amounts on POS than on TV spots, other broadcast media and print.

Ten years have passed and what certainly appeared to us, at the time, to be obvious has indeed come to pass:

Ad Industry Executives are proclaiming it is equally important to market at-retail because that is where marketing can actually lead to a purchase.

We have always believed that POS and traditional media advertising are indeed equal.

But our experience says that more emphasis needs to be place on the side where most CPG purchase decisions are ultimately made — At the point of sale!The actual place and at the point-in-time where shoppers actually can become buyers.

Who knows, maybe next it will be written that beverage marketers should adopt software tools to track, measure, manage, verify, correlate POS to sales, and recover the costs of POS initiatives with supply chain partners.

We just did.

Wall Street Journal Article

Please click on here on this Wall Street Journal - A Super-Bowl Ad Is Just Half the Battle link to read the entire article.

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