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Leveraging Your POS Marketing Data with POS Business Intelligence

Mark Fullerton

Since 2005, OnTrak has been at the leading edge of providing Point-of-Sale (POS) Marketing data collection solutions to beer, wine and spirits distributors. Often this information is referred to as POS Business Intelligence.

OnTrak’s products help beverage companies define and implement POS marketing best practices by using the data that is collected by our systems. This information helps our customers understand the POS characteristics that turn shoppers into buyers.

Over the past year we’ve had the opportunity to speak with literally hundreds of people in the alcohol beverage industry. We have listened to executives and managers from companies ranging in size from under $100 million to nearly $4 billion in revenue.

Almost every general manager or owner we spoke to told us:

  • They do have a significant challenge with POS Marketing management
  • They are feeling the pain of increasing costs with no clear understanding of what value they are getting back from the POS Marketing investment
  • They don’t have the data available that allows them to make better decisions in the POS Marketing life-cycle - Ordering, production, placement and bill-back recovery

If you’re a sales or marketing executive who works for a company that either produces your own POS marketing materials, or outsources the production of these materials to a third party, the admission — that you do not know what POS works and what doesn’t — should send chills down your spine .

It’s usually at this point that these companies find OnTrak, or we find them.

After an initial conversation, these managers and executives ask if they can see a demonstration of our solutions. Once the demo is completed, (typically in less than an hour) these executives understand a few key points:

  • What Our Solutions Do — Track, measure and manage POS marketing campaigns and materials including custom and permanent signs, beverage menus and beverage samples
  • The Value Our Solutions Deliver — Automated print shop management, consistent cost management, improved supplier bill-back recovery, secure inventory control, and detailed reporting and analysis tools to provide the data necessary to achieve better business results
  • The Cost of a Solution — Our software costs from $9.00 - $12.00 per user per month on a subscription basis. The more users, or the more products, the lower the price per user
  • The Products Pay for Themselves in Months — Better decision making, increased sales, improved cash flow from allowances, and reduced graphics department costs means a rapid ROI

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