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Marketing at-Retail - Working Better. Not Harder. - Part 1

Mark Fullerton

Part 1

Connecting Your Team to the Data

Typically, the sales, marketing and graphics departments work together as a demand generation team in an alcohol beverage distributorship. This teamwork depends on finding ways to share critical sales and marketing information with the entire team, so that every member can work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Sales and Marketing information (or business intelligence) is at the center of your success as a wholesale distributor.  Your team, and the customers and suppliers they work with, needs to be able to access this sales and at-retail marketing data; work with it; talk about it; and act upon it.

To be successful and competitive in your market, your company should be able to provide on-line access to information on sales and point-of-sale (POS) initiatives; preferably from any Internet capable device.  No matter its size, your distributorship can gain and retain a competitive sales advantage when at-retail marketing and promotional information is easily accessible and mobile.

Today, there are virtually no technological barriers or cost hurdles to overcome in order to achieve this.

Accessing and correlating sales and Marketing at-Retail history is both easy and affordable, and it's a critical step toward measuring, managing and leveraging the value of your sales information. At the tap of a screen or click of a mouse, all the relevant and required customer, product and sales data is easily visible to anyone who needs access to it.

Sales people, graphics designers and sign makers can work on POS promotions together, practically in real time, if needed. They communicate and collaborate with each other about product promotions even when the sales team members are in the trade and the graphics team members are in the print shop.

Information can also be shared over the Internet with management, customers and even suppliers as needed. Imagine being able to instantly get supplier approval for sharing marketing costs, while working with your customer. Think about the ways your distributorship can improve performance by better connecting your demand generation team to each other and to the current sales support data.

Part 2 of this blog, shows some typical sales team situations and solutions, and the positive impact easy access to sales and Marketing at-Retail data can have on your company.

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