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OnTrak’s Marketing Technology Makes Shopper Marketing More Effective

Mark Fullerton

The Market Speaks

According to data from eMarketer, at-Retail marketing, or shopper marketing, for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies continues to grow rapidly. In fact global at-Retail marketing spending surpassed $30B in 2012, and nearly 70% of this amount spent was in the US.

According to POPAI, at-Retail marketing spending grows at about 7% per year. That’s not terribly surprising considering that CPG suppliers continue to shift advertising dollars from traditional print and broadcast media. The shift is to the “Time and place where shoppers become buyers”, according to the Path to Purchase Institute — at-Retail, at the Point-of-Sale (POS) or sometimes just called “The moment of truth.”

Of course, the problem that many marketers face is in determining what POS promotions will attract and persuade shoppers to become buyers. In short, if you don’t engage your target consumer with your at-Retail form-factor and message, your strategy will fail.

At-Retail Marketing Technology

OnTrak is a marketing technology company which develops solutions to help beverage distributors track, measure, manage and verify all at-retail marketing and promotional materials, including custom printed signage, permanent displays, beverage menus and beverage sampling events.

As OnTrak’s marketing technology solutions have continued to evolve, we’ve added new features and functions. Today, we’re able to provide our customers with ever better tools to help them track, measure, manage and verify the effectiveness of their various at-Retail campaigns and the compliance of those campaigns to local standards.

The data our software now complies and stores, when correlated with demand data from order entry systems, can now provide consumer package good (CPG) suppliers, distributors and retailers with the information needed to determine the most effective POS type, size, value message and placement. You’ll also be able to have proof positive that at-Retail materials were actually placed (via our verification feature).

What we’ve learned and incorporated into our solutions makes us confident that at-Retail marketing is in fact one of the most effective ways to engage and persuade shoppers to become buyers at the place and time they are ready and able to buy.

Taking Advantage of Marketing Technologies

At-Retail marketing is arguably the most highly-effective advertising and promotional tool for CPGs available today.

The question becomes: “How can you leverage your shopper marketing campaigns to gain maximum ROI?”

The answer is by taking advantage of the marketing technology available to you today that enables you to target “your” shoppers and persuade them to buy your brand.

Here’s where we are today:

We can now track the entire at-Retail marketing campaign life-cycle from ordering through production, placement and replacement. You’ll be able to know when your POS items were placed, displayed and ultimately taken down or replaced — and you will be able to visually verify that your marketing materials actually were placed — and determine what happened to sales as a result.

Of course, historical data compiled and stored by our applications, when correlated to sales data, will provide valuable feedback pointing to the effectiveness of various types of POS displays and signs.

Today, many CPG suppliers and distributors are at the point of ever escalating at-Retail marketing spending. They are looking for Marketing Technology Solutions that will facilitate the tracking, measuring and managing of at-Retail campaign in order to lower costs, increase sales, and get a good return on their campaign investments.

Multiple surveys of CPG corporate marketing and brand managers indicate a very high willingness to adopt an at-Retail Marketing Technology solution, but the perception is that there are few, if any, commercial solutions available.

OnTrak Is The Answer!

There are at-Retail or POS Marketing Technology solutions available. Unfortunately, the software companies that offer such solutions are largely unknown or cannot get sufficient exposure to the CPG market to gain or raise market awareness.

But since you have come across our website and this blog, you are on the right track (no pun intended).

I’ll leave you with the following recommendation:  

  • First - Adopt (at-Retail Marketing Technology)
  • Next - Require the Necessary Discipline (Make Sure Everyone Uses the Technology)
  • And Then - Make Good Use of the Right Technology (Let OnTrak help you!)

We certainly hope you’ll consider using our solutions!

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