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OnTrak Team Appears on Beer Business Finance Podcast

Todd Grote


We recently had the honor to be interviewed by Kary Shumway for his Beer Business Finance Podcast.


The podcast is widely followed in the industry for presenting ideas, strategies and best practices to improve a distributor's financial performance.


We discussed the benefits that our suite of POS management software provides to distributors, some case studies from leading beverage distributors using the tools, and our newly available online ROI calculator that allows distributors to see exactly what their cost savings will be after investing in our software.


Podcast Overview


Kary invited us onto his podcast because he noticed our products’ potential to help distributors accomplish two important goals: Reduce costs and sell more product.


For beer, wine, and spirits distributors, the process of managing POS, keeping track of inventory, handling operations, and marketing– requires management skills that can only be learned with experience and the use of efficient tools. 


Streamlining operations and keeping track of all sales is a common issue faced by many beer distributors. Keeping tabs on your various POS programs is tiresome to the point that it becomes impossible to correctly calculate return on investment, manage inventory and study the market, all at the same time. 


OnTrak software addresses all the pain points and concerns of beer distributors by offering tracking and management solutions that make distributor teams more efficient and productive. The result: More sales.



The “Black Hole” of POS 

OnTrak was founded because the president of a Midwest beer distributor described her POS as a “black hole.” POS marketing required a large investment, but she had no idea what happened to the POS once it left her warehouse and what was the ROI for that significant POS investment. OnTrak created a software tool to get answers to those questions and the company has taken off from there.


5 Distinct Products for Beverage Distributors 

As word got out in the industry about our initial software tool, other distributors approached us with specific business challenges they were facing. The result: OnTrak now offers 5 distinct software tools – Each one focused on a particular part of the distribution business. The three below are specifically geared towards beer distributors:


  • SignTrak - A web-based software solution that manages the custom, temporary POS signage process – order, production and placement.
  • PermaTrak - An inventory control and asset management tool for neons, tap handles, and other permanent POS.
  • LineTrak - A combination app and software which provides digital tracking and management of draft line cleaning and tap handle survey activities.



ROI – Return on Investment 

The ROI provided by our software comes from tangible savings in time and materials related to POS marketing. Sales reps spend less time tracking down their POS requests; the sign shop receives a complete request, filled out correctly with all required information, the first time; the elimination of reworks in the sign shop – All these improvements add up to real savings.

Case Studies

There are many examples of distributors – large and small – who have benefited from implementing our software tools. Several case studies are available on our website that highlight the challenges faced by distributors and the improvements realized after implementing our software.



Best Practices

OnTrak’s tools ensure that a distributor is following industry best practices related to managing POS activities and materials. The software can be adjusted by our developers to work within the distributor’s existing protocols and framework, but the idea is to improve the POS process and help them do things in a better and more efficient way. 




OnTrak software as a POS management solution has helped numerous beer distributors reduce costs and increase their ROI.


To listen to the full podcast with Kary Shumway, click here.


To learn more about the software and take a free demo, you can visit the OnTrak website; or click here to speak to a product specialist.

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