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Mark Fullerton

Recently I spoke with one of our customers — a mid-size, alcohol beverage distributor - to find out about their business performance this year. In addition, I was also interested in how they were using our software products to track, measure and manage their POS initiatives

From a business performance perspective they said their sales trend over the past two years had been down, but recently things had started to turn around.  In fact, some parts of their business — including craft beers — had actually grown during both of the past two years by double digits.

As for our software, I was interested to learn if we had helped them save money on their POS materials, or helped them generate better sales results.

Their first response was that they were continuing to spend the same amount of money on POS marketing. Being initially disappointed, I probed deeper. I asked, “Was the lack of savings an indication that our products were not providing the return-on-investment they had hoped for?” I waited for their response.

Here’s what they said.

While POS spending had not decreased from the pre-OnTrak days, it was not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, our customer told me, Since deploying OnTrak software, we’re actually producing more POS than previously — without an increase in cost.” Although expenses had remained about the same, they were able to produce more promotional materials. This additional production, without additional cost, was, good for them and good for their customers. In fact, our customer added, “The additional POS materials we’re producing are allowing us to take market share from our competitors — and that’s a good thing.”

I also learned that since deploying OnTrak software, our customer has been able to change where their POS is placed. No longer is he placing too much POS with some customers and not enough with others. This balancing of promotional materials placement by customer has had a positive impact on sales. Our customer explained,The placement of additional promotional materials at customers who had previously been receiving insufficient POS stimulated incremental sales. And the reduction of POS at customers who had been over-saturated with signage did not decrease sales.”

Our customer said that prior to deploying OnTrak software he was spending an increasing amount on POS without getting measurable productivity or greater market penetration. He had no way of telling if his POS spending was making a difference in sales. Bottom line he had a ‘feeling’ about his promotional emphasis — too much, too little, about right — but he didn’t actually know.

Now he does!

If your goal is to find affordable tools that can simultaneously cut your POS costs, improve the impact of your POS Marketing campaigns, and generate better sales results, then you need to take a look at OnTrak’s portfolio of POS Marketing Management solutions.

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