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The Beverage Market Continues to Grow – Managing POS Marketing is More Important Than Ever

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In today's competitive beverage industry, managing Point-of-Sale (POS) marketing materials and activities is critical to growing and maintaining market share. Effectively running POS marketing operations has become even more crucial as the beverage category continues to expand and consumers have more and more choices. As a beverage distributor, it is essential to understand the importance of properly managing your POS marketing materials and activities.

Common Pain Points in POS Marketing Management

Beverage distributors are faced with several challenges in managing their POS marketing materials, including tracking and measuring POS spending, measuring ROI, underuse of POS by sales reps, and managing supplier bill-back programs. Additionally, distributors have to deal with the complexities of documenting marketing support to their suppliers.

Managing custom, temporary POS signage processes presents its share of challenges, such as reducing errors and time-to-market, tracking POS costs, and proving the cents per case allowance for supplier bill-back recovery. Permanent and semi-permanent POS marketing materials are also crucial for on-premise alcohol beverage sales, with items like neon signs and tap handles enhancing brand recognition and loyalty.

Measuring the impact of POS marketing is challenging, especially with manual methods. This is where online POS tracking tools come in handy for order placement, workflow, collecting data, and verifying POS materials' actual placement at retail locations. Inaccurately produced POS materials can lead to rework expenses exceeding physical production costs, with average rework costs of over $50 per wine list and over $30 per sign for beer distributors.

Effective POS Management Strategies

With the challenges in effective POS management in mind, distributors need to adopt digital tools to help transform collected POS data into actionable information. Utilizing digital tools not only prevents errors and inefficiencies but also reports trends in POS spending, informing decisions and improving forecast accuracy. By leveraging POS data and correlating it with sales data, sales and merchandising teams can enhance their effectiveness and identify successful POS promotions.

OnTrak is Here to Help

OnTrak Software recognizes the importance of managing POS marketing materials and activities effectively and efficiently, providing the necessary tools for beverage distributors.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, OnTrak offers solutions like SignTrak® for managing custom temporary POS signage processes and PermaTrak® for managing permanent POS materials.

These software solutions assist in tracking POS data, measuring POS costs, time-to-market, market share, and managing supplier bill-back recovery. Further, OnTrak Software's tools help save money, increase accountability with suppliers and customers, and help distributors make better business decisions to grow sales.

With the proper tools and strategies in place, beverage distributors can stay ahead in the competitive market, improving their POS marketing efforts and maximizing returns on their investments. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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