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What Are You Trying to Accomplish with POS Marketing Initiatives?

Mark Fullerton

As I look back at our blog entries, whitepapers and marketing literature, we may not have been specifically clear as to what we are trying to help you achieve with your Point-of-Sale (POS) Marketing initiative and materials.  

Now might be a good time to step back for a moment and actually say what our purpose is in delivering POS Marketing software solutions which help you develop and implement your POS Marketing plans.

POS Marketing Objectives

After years of listening to beverage alcohol distributors, we have compiled a list of some of the objectives they wish to accomplish with their POS Marketing programs.

Should any of these items relate to the objectives you have set out for your company, then you might want to take a look a further look at our POS Marketing Management solutions.

Here what distributors have told us:

When they place a particular piece of POS marketing material ‘at-retail’ they are try trying to accomplish objectives in the following key areas:

  • Placement — Materials being placed at the best location in the retail location to deliver your message to the shopper in an informative and persuasive way
  • Sales — Increasing both sales and market share through better POS Marketing
  • Profits — Lowering the cost of doing POS Marketing to widen profit margins
  • Customer Satisfaction — Your customers are happy when their customers are happy - Good marketing keeps them happy
  • Customer Loyalty — Happy and successful customers buy more over a longer period of time when you’re helping them be successful

Achieving Your Objectives

In order to achieve the objectives in these key areas, the individuals responsible for ordering, producing and placing POS Marketing materials need to:

  • Define the message that is believed to maximize the opportunity
  • Specify when the POS marketing materials are needed and how long they will be displayed
  • Set and work within a budget specific to the opportunity including customer’s size and POS guidelines
  • Understand desired return-on-investment (ROI) and create a program likely to achieve the target ROI

POS Planning is Key

In order to achieve the maximum results for each business opportunity, these same individuals need to clearly understand both the goals of the requested POS initiative and the challenges to be addressed. Ideally, your POS initiatives will have “owners” to see that the objectives of the campaign are met and that a successful ROI has been achieved with each campaign.

If your current POS approach consists of little to no program planning or the identification of campaign objectives, it will be difficult if not impossible to measure and manage your POS Marketing efforts. OnTrak provides the tools for the collection and analysis of the overall POS Marketing process data helping you not only to define your objectives but also insure that you are achieving them.

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