Martignetti Companies Sees Notable Savings with OnTrak's MenuTrak

As the leading distributor of wine and spirits in New England, the Norwood, Massachusetts-based Martignetti Companies is the seventh largest distributor in the United States. In the 1970’s, they expanded the distribution and wholesale business, focusing on fine wines. In the ensuing years, Martignetti Companies steadily grew its distribution businesses in New England through organic growth, supplier appointments and acquisitions. The portfolio has grown to encompass the broadest selection of fine wines and spirits in the market place, from unique artisanal producers to global leading suppliers.

In 2010, Tim Bruce, Corporate Marketing Director at Martignetti Companies, looked to OnTrak Software to transform how the company managed its entire POS process. It deployed the MenuTrak software solution for more than 450 employees who order and manage POS materials for their customers.

MenuTrak completely automates the order workflow, including configuration, approval and production of custom beverage menus, table tents, shelf talkers, case cards and signs. It helps eliminate errors and reprints and reduces time-to-market while also tracking and managing POS costs. Just as importantly, it also improves supplier bill-backs by capturing the billing information at the time of entry, allowing Martignetti to invoice the supplier weeks earlier.

Tim said his company selected OnTrak’s MenuTrak solution not only for the efficiency it offered, but also the opportunity it created for sales and marketing personnel. “MenuTrak created a consistent process for us to streamline our POS ordering and management,” Tim said. “That translates into more time to focus on our core business instead of continually following up on manual, time consuming processes.”

Prior to its MenuTrak deployment, Martignetti used paper-based ordering for sales representatives that resulted in a constant amount of significant work and follow up.

“In addition to new levels of convenience, one of MenuTrak’s main benefits is the accountability it instills in each person involved in the process,” Tim said. “Sales and management are able to review costs and the POS produced at the account level and then judge the effectiveness of specific POS. Managers can also approve POS requests submitted by sales from the road, and the approval process for proofs allows us to review the designs with the customer prior to printing to ensure accuracy of the design. This approval process allows us to better position our POS in the market place and ensure we are serving our customers and suppliers equally.”

Tim said the built-in history within MenuTrak proves to be especially helpful, as it tracks the time from creation to completion and also makes re-orders simple — allowing anyone to quickly identify the previously assigned designer who is familiar with a project.  

Tim also said MenuTrak’s Web-based software tool eliminates many of the hurdles associated with the mobile nature of Martignetti Companies’ workforce.

“Even while on the road, our managers can go in and review a request, add people to the approval process, view a project, and submit all needed bill-back information. We couldn’t do that before,” he said. “And on top of that, it’s a big time saver for the marketing department because we used to be tasked with each of those individual steps.  We welcome MenuTrak as a tool that benefits everyone involved — the customer, our sales managers, the marketing department, and even the supplier.”


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