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Food & Drink Digital: OnTrak's Marketing Management Software

Denis Clark

"Food & Drink Digital Announcement - OnTrak Software: Cutting-Edge Marketing Management Software"

March 19, 2012

In a report in Food & Drink Digital, OnTrak Software is featured because of its innovative software tools which manage and measure the success of point-of-sale marketing campaigns.

Measuring the impact of point-of-sale (POS) marketing campaigns is a notoriously tricky enterprise, and companies often depend on gut feelings and generalized revenue numbers. OnTrak Software was designed by owner Mark Fullerton to take the guesswork out of managing POS marketing by offering a comprehensive application to automate the ordering, placing and tracking of POS marketing materials for beer and beverage companies.

Denis Clark, who has 25 years of leadership and management experience in the software business, joined OnTrak as executive vice president in 2009 because he realized the unique market value of OnTrak’s software. The key question that the software answers for distributing companies is whether the money that they spent trying to promote the brand is getting a cost-effective return on investment, according to Clark.

“There really is no other company out there like us offering the capabilities that we have,” explains Denis Clark, Executive Vice President.

OnTrak Software has proven itself to be an innovative and necessary tool for beverage, beer, wine and spirit companies. In its seven year career, many big beer and beverage distributing companies such as Silver Eagle and Crescent Crown and have used OnTrak products with considerable measured success. 

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About OnTrak Software

OnTrak Software is a technology company that develops software solutions for beverage suppliers and wholesalers as well as consumer goods companies. Our software products help improve sales and business performance through the tracking, measurement and management of Point-of-Sale Marketing campaigns and materials including custom and permanent point-of-sale (POS) signs, custom beverage menus and beverage samples. OnTrak Softwareâ„¢ has been delivering leading-edge software solutions from coast-to-coast, since 2005.

About Food & Drink Digital

Food & Drink Digital is a pioneering digital media site for food and drink professionals and executives, featuring all aspects of managing a production based environment. Food & Drink Digital covers solutions that enable global businesses to improve the way they manage their operations, people, technology and supply chains. Food and Drink Digital is the industry-dedicated arm of the White Digital Media Group. Founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Glen White, White Digital Media retains a diversified portfolio of websites, magazines, daily news feeds and weekly e-newsletters that leverage technology to innovatively deliver high-quality content, analytical data, and industry news.  Food and Drink Digital is headquartered in San Diego, California, with additional offices in Boston, Toronto, Mumbai and Norwich, England. For more information, contact 760-827-7800 or visit


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