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OnTrak Software Whitepaper - Comprehensive POS Marketing Management

Denis Clark

OnTrak Software White Paper Highlights Benefits of Comprehensive POS Marketing Management

Cincinnati, Ohio — September 12, 2012 — OnTrak Software, the only provider of Web-based software to help wine and spirits wholesalers and suppliers track, measure and manage all point-of-sale (POS) marketing campaigns and materials, today published a white paper titled “Improving Sales and Profitability with POS Marketing Management.”  To request a copy of the white paper, click this button:

The white paper highlights the top three POS marketing concerns of beer, wine and spirits distributors:

  1. Losing control of their POS marketing expenses — Typically, whatever system they use to order, produce and place POS marketing materials is primarily a manual system. Being manual it is highly susceptible to errors and costly reworks. There are limited controls offered by a manual system, and little or no individual accountability
  2. Marketing recovery dollars are being left at the suppliers — While suppliers have identified marketing co-op monies that are available to offset distributor costs, there must be a full and accurate reporting by the distributors in order to achieve all of the available supplier funds
  3. Companies lack information for making better POS marketing decisions - Distributors are unable to track, measure and manage POS Marketing processes. If data is not being collected during the POS order, production and placement process then there is little or no information available to answer cost, sales and profitability questions

The primary goal of a POS marketing management system is to provide information needed to address all of these concerns.

In the white paper, Denis Clark, executive vice president at OnTrak Software, states, “A growing number of beverage alcohol wholesalers are turning to POS marketing management systems to help improve sales and profitability through the tracking, measurement and management of POS marketing campaigns and materials, including custom and temporary signs, permanent displays, custom beverage menus and beverage samples. Many distributors are adopting POS tracking systems in response to suppliers’ accelerated efforts to 'source cash' from wholesalers by further pushing POS marketing costs down to them.”

OnTrak’s family of Web-based, POS marketing management solutions includes:

  • SignTrak - Manages and controls the entire custom and temporary point-of-sale (POS) signage process from initial order, production, display and measurement of POS initiative sales impact
  • PermaTrak - Provides central inventory control and asset management for permanent POS signs and marketing materials. Prevents inventory loss, tracks and controls costs, and reduces unexplained write-offs.
  • SampleTrak - Records and reports on the entire beverage sampling process, including tasting comments and supplier bill-back recovery. Tracks what was sampled, where and by whom, tasting comments, and correlates sampling events to sales results
  • MenuTrak - Automates the entire custom beverage menu process and provides the capability to track and control menu costs, and recover supplier bill-backs.

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OnTrak Software is a technology company that develops software solutions for beer, wine and spirits suppliers and distributors as well as consumer goods companies. OnTrak’s software products help to improve sales and business performance through the tracking, measurement and management of point-of-sale marketing campaigns and materials. Visit


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