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POS Best Practices: The effects POS management to the bottom line

Denis Clark

Most beer and wine distributors say they have no idea how custom POS impacts their business. Automating the POS process to maximize the sales-building potential of their high-dollar investment in POS typically boils down to one claim: “I don’t have time to make it happen.”

The study of the effects of inefficient POS sign management to the bottom line and the ramifications of adopting a hosted application solution as a cost effective alternative to traditional software is the subject of POS Best Practices: the effects of inefficient POS sign management to the bottom line.

The study is being made available to wholesale distribution owners and top level managers in a narrated CD format. The information provides a broad overview about how the traditional benefits of automation, management information and decision support play out in a connected world where ‘software as a solution’ is rapidly replacing more expensive traditional IT.

POS best practices are illustrated for all stakeholders – from presales to sign shop to management and finance. The study addresses the value of POS tracking and how a distributorship’s POS statistics and trends can be utilized for better cash managment and decision support.

A case study provides insight to why A-B distributor Chas. Seligman adopted a web-based solution and how it has eliminated their ‘black hole’ of POS, first for presales and the sign shop by encouraging easy-to-make high quality template-based POS to eliminate inefficiencies, mistakes, lost requests and reworks, then in the area of POS cash management.

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