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SignTrak Introduces PermaTrak to order, track, manage permanent POS

Denis Clark

When a solution tailored to manage high value assets for beer distributors is coupled with a rapid implementation approach, it can deliver immediate business value, generating a high overall return on investment and a low total cost of ownership. PermaTrak is one such solution.

PermaTrak is subscription-based software from the makers of SignTrak used to manage cash allocated to neon and metal signs, beer coolers, taps, and all permanent and semi-permanent point of sale inventory. It ensures accountability both internally and externally, and provides real-time data access to turnover and maintenance schedules.

Distributors now have the technology to take the necessary steps to monitor competitive activities while at the same time secure and protect high asset inventories. PermaTrak is a new way to look at managed POS: a business process to make people more efficient controlling costs and managing decisions that affect the bottom line.


PermaTrak provides four main functions:

  1. Order - The collection portal used to gather permanent POS data
  2. Track - The viewing screen used to track inventory and sort and complete POS orders
  3. Manage - The output of POS data used for finance, budgeting and decision support
  4. Maintain - The data used to schedule cleanings and maintenance

Like SignTrak, PermaTrak is a web-based SaaS application that utilizes controlled access to keep customer information safe, secure, and private. It can be quickly implemented in hours to run in-house on a private network or over the Internet. It’s fully functional online or offline, so can be used from the trade or in the office. When used offline, auto-sync is 4-10 seconds, so users always have access to the most recent activities.

Permanent POS data collection begins at the point of order with input to auto-configured order forms that eliminate mistakes. Sign dimensions can be irregular, allowing for cutouts and enabling custom signs to fit properly on any surface or structure. Thumbnail images with assigned serial numbers ensure that the order input is always accurate. All orders can be viewed by pending, suspended, completed or cancelled status. Since POS can only be assigned to a single location at any time, conflicts are eliminated and asset status is always accurate.

Tracking inventory is easy. Orders can be viewed by most recent activity, customer, class, type, brand and other data criteria. As you build your inventory and asset list, each sign links to its individual inventory receipt and displays a visual thumbnail. The entire asset list can be sorted and viewed by item detail.

Competitor activity can be easily tracked from the trade using any Windows PC or input into the system on a regular basis using data from route reconnoitering. Either way, data is collected on which managers can make strategic decisions based on reliable real-time data. All data can be matched with current or historic data so strategic decisions can be made months in advance. In addition, data can be exported to Excel and used in back office systems to compare POS activity and brand campaign effectiveness to actual case volume.

PermaTrak also creates a “scrub brush” list and maintenance schedule for each asset. Regular cleaning and maintenance not only extends the useful life of inventory items such as neon or other electronic signs, but also creates employee and customer accountability when a maintenance visit created opportunity for inventory confirmation on a regular basis.

PermaTrak is a standalone application. SignTrak customers can opt to include a controlled access link to PermaTrak on the SignTrak interface, or run PermaTrak as a completely separate application. Implementation time is dependent on the accuracy of existing inventory data, but usually takes less than four hours. There are no annual maintenance fees and most users require little or no training to benefit from PermaTrak the day of installation.

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