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Eliminate Sign Reworks and Give Sales Reps More Time to Sell

SignTrak® Overview

SignTrak® manages the custom, temporary POS signage process — order, production and placement; SignTrak eliminates errors and reduces time-to-market; tracks POS costs and helps prove the cents per case allowance for supplier bill-back recovery.

The Opportunity

Point-of-Sale (POS) signage is a key element in selling beverages. Any beverage alcohol distributor worth their barley will tell you that. But what they might not be able to tell you is what they’re actually getting from their POS efforts even though, in many cases, POS promotion is one of their biggest expenses. Does this sound familiar?

Without the tools to effectively manage your POS marketing, you’re not getting the information you need to sell more product, increase profitability, or capture more market share. If your POS strategy isn’t based on data, it isn’t a strategy. It’s guessing. But the good news is that there’s an easy way to change that.

The SignTrak® Solution

SignTrak® is designed to take the guesswork out of POS marketing to help you improve your ROI by giving you the information you need to develop more effective promotions all the way from ordering to deployment. It streamlines ordering and production processes by coordinating your needs with print shop resources and gives you greater insight with detailed reports on sales and location performance. Once you see how your POS efforts really work–or don’t–you can change them accordingly to keep your business growing.

A Powerful Tool for Custom POS

SignTrak® is the only Web-based software solution trusted by beverage alcohol distributors to effectively manage Point-of-Sale (POS) marketing signage.

This innovative system provides powerful analysis and reporting tools that can help you get more from your custom POS signage by applying a standardized methodology to its entire lifecycle that increases efficiency, transparency, and profitability.



SignTrak POS Reporting and Analysis Tools










From initial order, to production and final display, SignTrak® logs vital information and provides a single point of control for everything associated with the process.

Reviewing the collected data allows you to gauge the performance of your signage, sales team, suppliers, brands, and locations and then correlate those factors to your POS investment. Armed with this knowledge, you can craft a practical strategy that maximizes profitability by recovering supplier bill-backs, minimizing signage reworks, and tailoring your POS to the specific needs of each location to drive up sales.

And because SignTrak® is a Web-based platform, there is no software to install and no need for any additional equipment. Plus, its user-friendly design means that training time is minimal so you can take control of your POS efforts right away.

SignTrak® allows you to create targeted, custom POS signage to improve ROI, and increase market share. 



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