Value and Benefits

OnTrak Software - Value and Benefits

Helping Your Sales Teams Spend More Time Selling

OnTrak's "on-demand" software solutions provide significant value across key areas of your sales, marketing and operational organizations. When you're trying to help your customers increase their sales it's important for your sales reps to spend more time selling and less time focused on the administration of marketing and promotional campaigns.

Our software solutions were designed by beverage alcohol distributors to help improve the productivity of your sales teams in following areas:

In addition, all the data that is collected by our software is available to management through:

Simplified Processes, Superior Intelligence

All OnTrak Software products are used by wholesale beverage distributors to order, track, and report on all your point-of-sale (POS) marketing, line cleaning and tap handle surveying processes:


The Order Entry function of all our POS Tracking Software products eliminates written mistakes and corrections, and ensures all orders are complete and processed correctly. 

Order data is used to accurately configure, produce and place the highest quality point of sale marketing materials, as well as schedule the print shop’s manpower and company’s resources

A key result of this automated ordering is an improved sales relationship with your customers.

With line cleaning, distributors can set cleaning schedules and assignments whether cleaning is conducted by the distributor or third party.

With tap handle surveying, wholesalers can collect data on which products are flowing through active taps, and when a product is replaced by another product.


Our Tracking capability provides on-demand access to all pending and completed POS orders by brand, type, representative, customer, or any other criteria.

All the collected data is used by sales and management to track placements vs. sales results.

Integration with back office systems allows budget tracking, reconciliation and cash management. 

With line cleaning, our solution tracks and reports on account scheduling and assignments with the addition of survey questions and responses, and GPS vehicle tracking.

The tap handle survey capabilities provide constant data on a wholesaler’s presence in any particular establishment, logging every brand and its position on the tap.

Analysis and Reporting

Our Business Analysis and Reporting features give businesses the POS measurement and management information they need to respond quickly to both the needs of the market, as well as their suppliers.

Reports are automatically generated to determine the money spent by supplier, brand, sales representative, and retail account.

Supplier bill-back recovery reports are created at the click of a mouse. Management reports are produced which correlate the marketing campaign investment to a quantified sales increase.

With line cleaning, activity reports are produced to verify compliance with local or supplier standards.

Armed with tap handle survey information, sales representatives are better positioned to recommend changes and replacements that further increase the beer wholesaler’s business.

Bottom Line Benefits

Each of our products now play a dual role:

As both vital operational tools as well as strategic intelligence systems that dramatically increase a wholesaler’s chance of not only improving sales but maximizing its presence in their market.

These operational and marketing intelligence features allow our solutions to pay for themselves, and then some.

Get Started Quickly

All OnTrak Software solutions run “on-demand” through your existing internet browser, as well as on mobile devices so there is no need for you to install new hardware or software.

Implementation and Training are provided and require a minimal investment of your time. Most companies and users can realize OnTrak's value and benefits days after training is completed.

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If you’re interested in learning more about how OnTrak Software helps beer, wine and spirits wholesalers determine the impact of their investment in POS marketing campaigns, please call one of our product experts on 513-936-4041.

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